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Are you looking for a photographer for your destination wedding? I’ve photographed weddings from destinations all over the world, including Hawaii, Thailand, Ireland, Spain, Italy, and more!


Hundreds of guests and lots going on? Don’t worry – I know how to navigate and capture even the grandest of ceremonies.


Prefer a small gathering? I can do that, too! Whether it’s just a few friends and families or a medium-sized guest list, I can make the memories of your special day shine.


Running away to the mountains or Vegas to sneak in a wedding with just the two of you? Make it three and you’ll get photos AND a witness!


Want to see my work before you reach out? Here are just a few of the Utah weddings I’ve photographed!

Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

What are your Destination Wedding Photography Fees and Prices?
Our destination wedding photography packages are the same as our regular wedding photography packages. The only additional costs that our clients would be responsible for are as follows:

1) Airfare
2) Baggage fees
3) Hotel accommodations (Ideally in the same hotel as the events. Typically, 2 nights minimum, but varies by event)
4) Rental car (typically 3 days, depending on the length of the event)
5) Vendor meals for the day of the event(s)
6) Per Diem: $60/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not covering events

How many people do we need to fly out?
Depending on the package you choose, wedding timeline, and guest count, you will need to fly out two people per team (photo and cinema). Ideally, we want to depart to your destination one day in advance of the wedding. This is so we have time to scout out your venue so we can get the best possible pictures and angles for you! The departing flight can be a day after the last day of your event, but preferably later. Each destination wedding is different, so we can work out the exact details on the phone!

Do I need to book the flights?
If you want to use your travel miles or rewards and book our flights on your own, we request that you send us the flight information ahead of time so we can approve the details (flight times, transfers, layovers, etc.)

Do you offer discounted packages for destination weddings?
Depending on the location and the package you choose, we are open to offering discounts on your destination wedding! We don’t normally offer discounts, but contact us and we may be able to work something out. 🙂

Can I book any accommodations for the team?
We ask that all accommodations be in safe and secure locations to ensure the safety of the shooters, their equipment, and your photos and video. AirBnB’s are acceptable as well, however we again ask they are in safe and secure neighborhoods with high ratings. We are happy to review all accommodations prior to booking the rooms if you are unsure.

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a wedding photographer who is already located at the locations of my wedding?
Not necessarily. Typically, hiring photographers from your wedding location is not only more expensive but also riskier in terms of receiving your images. Past clients have decided against hiring destination photographers for a couple of reasons. It is not only harder to coordinate with them about the details of your wedding day, but also if you were to have any questions about your images, rather than having to deal with a prolonged and inconvenient correspondence, you could simply just come directly to us for assistance.

Where else have you shot a wedding or engagement session?
We’ve followed our clients all over the country and internationally to Thailand, Italy, Spain, Ireland, and more!


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I am a 27-year-old artist & photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated in 2016 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Utah. I moved to Salt Lake City in 2011 from Southern Utah, and never looked back. This smoggy, elevated, mountainous valley is my home. I am a sucker for adventures, breathtaking landscapes, season changes, jumping off cliffs, and getting lost in the mountains.

Above all though, my passion is storytelling. Since before I could remember I wanted nothing more than to act, sing, make movies, and take photos. After college, I didn’t have a consistent creative outlet. I took up painting, continued singing, and started diving headfirst into photography. Photography is a special and vulnerable kind of art that I take reverence in. It is a gigantic privilege and responsibility when you trust me to capture your special stories. At the heart of it, that’s what photography is to me – storytelling. We all have these fantastic, messy, and beautiful moments that make up this incredible thing we call life.


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