What to Wear For Your Engagement Photos (Outfit Ideas)

Double Exposure engagement photo with ring shot from big cottonwood canyon photoshoot

Can’t decide what to wear for your engagement photoshoot? You’re not alone!

These photos will be used as invitations, as display pieces on your wedding day, and in photo albums for generations to come. So, obviously, you want the best engagement photo outfits possible!

Clothing is a form of expression, and picking the right outfits can be the difference between beautiful photos and breathtaking photos!

So here are my 9 tips to ensure your outfits for your engagement photoshoot are perfect!

9 Tips for Engagement Photo Outfits

1. Wear Clothes That Are Comfortable to Move In

Creating movement in photographs helps evoke emotion and tell compelling stories. Wearing something that you can move in and be comfortable in is an absolute necessity for any dreamy photoshoot.

Plan on jumping on each other’s backs, running, sitting on the ground, spinning each other around, etc. You will want to wear something that gives you the freedom to play and diversify shots! 

Engagement Photoshoot at Wheeler Farm, Utah.

2. Plan Engagement Outfits That Go Well Together

When shopping around for your outfits for your engagement shoot—think of both outfits together. How will the colors and patterns look side by side? Will they complement each other or distract from each other? If one partner is wearing a bold color, maybe consider having more neutral tones in the other outfit.

A gorgeous photograph is one that can tell a cohesive story and not confuse the viewer’s eyes. With too many patterns and colors, viewers can become distracted and your images can lose visual impact. Add the right amount of color and patterns to make your photos unique, but don’t overdo it but don’t overdo it and make them too matchy matchy!


3. Choose Outfits That Show Your Personality

Maybe you don’t think of yourself as particularly fashionable—maybe you do! Regardless, it can be tempting to look at other engagement session outfits and think you have to wear something similar. A good photographer will want to ensure your unique stories are being told and should be focused on using the images to highlight your personal style.

If you don’t like wearing long flowy dresses, don’t feel pressured to wear a long flowy dress. If you don’t like wearing ties and dress pants, don’t wear a tie and dress pants! Your photographer should be able to help you brainstorm and visualize exactly what kind of story you want to tell!

Antelope Island State Park Engagement

4. Pick Clothing that Flows & Moves

Again, movement is incredibly important in photography. Having clothing that can move and flow not only looks beautiful, it also can be very fun to play with during your engagement session. Having clothing that flows will help guide your body and make your posing feel much more effortless!

My absolute favorite engagement photo outfits to photograph are flowy giant dresses. They move so beautifully and look absolutely stunning on brides who are a bit on the girlier side.

Utah Mountain Engagement Photoshoot

5. Match Your style to Your Wedding Theme

Your engagement session is pretty early on in the planning process. Chances are you haven’t chosen a venue, hired a wedding planner or found a cake decorator etc. Thats okay! Just picture what kind of vibe you’re going for. If you want your wedding day to be a black-tie event, have your engagement session be more formal as well. If you’re having a boho, barefoot, beach wedding- think about having a boho barefoot engagement session, too!

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You want your guests to know what to expect when they come to your wedding—these little details will help inform them of what to expect. If you already know the exact colors you would like for your wedding as well- incorporate them in your outfits! Plus you’ll want your engagement photos and your wedding photography to look great in an album together or printed and hung on your wall as a collage.

The couple in the photo below chose more casual outfits for their engagement session because they knew their wedding would be more casual too! Their personal style was more laid back, so obviously a formal outfit would not have fit their vibe. They purposely chose comfortable and casual outfits for their engagement photos. They wanted to focus on dancing, good food remembering the family members who passed away.

They also hired Storm Troopers to be part of the ceremony since they were giant Star Wars fans!

Capital Hill Engagement Session in Salt Lake City

Here is one of my absolute favorite photos from the Storm Trooper/ Star Wars wedding!

Storm Trooper Wedding at Beaver Mountain Resort

6. Incorporate Some Accessories Into Your Attire

Accessories are another fun way to add dimension and layers to your engagement photos. Look for pieces that complement your outfits and make you feel beautiful. You don’t have to spend tons of money on buying new items either! Ask family members if there are any heirloom pieces you could borrow, or look through your jewelry at what you already have. Wear pieces that are special and beautiful to you! 

7. Stick to Two Outfits

It may be tempting to bring several outfits, but don’t overwhelm yourself with options! Stick to two outfits each. Consider choosing one that is more playful and one that is more dressy. Maybe choose one colorful outfit and one neutral outfit. You’ll want your outfits to be different enough to help portray different aspects of your personalities. 

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Rent Your Wardrobe

Renting is an incredibly overlooked option for photoshoots! Not everyone can afford a designer outfit (or two!) for their photoshoots. For a fraction of the price, you can rent gorgeous clothing that otherwise may feel out of reach. There is no reason to spend thousands of extra dollars on clothing—unless you want to! Sites like Renttherunway.com and Fashionpass.com have rental subscription options. Other sites such as Stylelend.com and Whitefoxboutique.com will do single outfit rentals as well! Also, there are plenty of Instagram accounts that collect gorgeous clothing and rent them out as well. Search for hashtags in your area!

9. Add Layers for Visual Impact

Layers are a very easy way to add interest to any outfit. You can easily add a coat, sweater, or scarf and spice up an outfit. You can even add more unique pieces such as statement sunglasses, head scarfs, and capes. There is really no limit! Layers will give you and your photographer so much more to play with and can elevate your look , highlight your best features and help you feel extra confident.

LGBTQ+ Engagement photoshoot up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas

No matter what you decide to wear, just remember- engagement sessions should be fun! There are so many fun activities that go into planning a wedding such as cake tastings, dance lessons, food samplings, etc. Every element of wedding planning should serve as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and create unforgettable memories. Your engagement photoshoot is no different! Have fun coordinating outfits together and creating Pinterest boards.

As long as you choose the right photographer, your engagement photoshoot should feel like a super fun date. Plan on laughing, loosening up, and creating art!

1. Neutrals for a dramatic landscape

My friend Meghan did an amazing job at helping this couple find the perfect outfits for this session! Obviously this is a show stopping location, and the outfits help pull focus instead of distracting the viewer.

Dramatic glacier national park engagement photoshoot
Glacier National Park Engagement Session

2. Little Details to add personality

I have always loved India Earls eye for intricate details. These outfits are the perfect balance of interesting and detailed without clashing and distracting. This is proof that jeans can have a place in stunning photos if done right, especially since they’re paired with such a fun flowy shirt!

rustic engagement photoshoot

3. Unapologetically Unique

Yes, this couple is absolutely wearing hiking gear in their engagement photos! Why? Its just who they are. They hired The Hearns (seriously amazing adventure photographers) to backpack with them through Patagonia. Proof that rules are meant to be broken.

Patagonia adventure engagement photoshoot

4. Colors that look beautiful together

My friend Abby from Arizona does an incredible job at making sure her couples personalities shine in their photos. These outfits are both colorful but mesh well together. The gorgeous patterns and cute textures on her sleeve add more visual interest and pop against his solid color shirt.

Sedona engagement photoshoot

5. Outfits that show Personality

To say that i’m obsessed with this brides engagement outfit is an understatement! So much of her personality shows through! Absolutely love that this couple chose neutrals and perfectly paired them with a cute subtle pattern. Haley Adell did an absolutely breathtaking job capturing this session!

Engagement photoshoot in flowery field

Now Go Slay Your Engagement Session!

I hope these examples and tips help you find the perfect engagement photo outfits! Engagement sessions truly are a perfect opportunity to be unique and dress how you want. But there’s no wrong way to do your engagement photos! You should feel comfortable and confident on the day of your engagement shoot and I totally understand that can look entirely different for different people. It can be so easy to forget to have fun and get sucked into the routine of wedding planning. Hope this guide could help you on your journey of shopping for the perfect engagement photo outfits!

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