Summer Engagement Photoshoot Outfit Tips and Ideas

Planning outfits for an engagement session can be really daunting. Balancing finding timeless pieces that show personality and mesh well together can be hard. Here are all of my tips and tricks to ensure your summer engagement photoshoot is dreamy and beautiful! Plus, check out my style guide at the end for easy outfits you can easily snag!

3 Tips to Picking the Perfect Engagement Outfits

1. Find your Aesthetic

Figuring out what kind of aesthetic you want to convey for your engagement photoshoot can really help to narrow down outfit ideas. This will help you stay focused and guide you through your shopping. To help pinpoint your ideal aesthetic- think about your actual wedding day! Are you having a beachy wedding, a romantic castle wedding, or a cute BBQ backyard gathering? If you’re getting married on the beach, for instance, keep your engagement photoshoot aesthetic boho, romantic and easy-going!

Engagement photoshoot up Millcreek canyon, Utah.

2. Balance Style with Comfort

The wonderful thing about engagement photoshoots is that it gives so many people an excuse to finally hire a photographer and have amazing photos of themselves. The downside is- for some couples it may be their first time ever having their photos taken professionally. Many people feel posing for photos can feel unnatural, uncomfortable and difficult. Hiring the right photographer will help to ensure that none of those things are true- but also having the right outfit will absolutely help! Find something that makes you feel confident, that moves well, and has layers you can play around with!

3. Have Fun With it!

It may seem like a silly bit of advice- but your engagement session does not need to follow any real rules. Find a canoe and have your engagement shoot on your favorite lake, or go to your family’s cabin and have a romantic, intimate, rustic photoshoot. If you both like motorcycles or classic cars, you should absolutely include that in your shoot! There are no rules, and even if there were, this is your time to break them and create some art you can cherish forever!

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Engagement photoshoot up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
Engagement photoshoot up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.

Outfit Guide for a Stunning Summer Engagement Photoshoot

Here I’ve laid out several outfit ideas you can implement for your summer engagement photoshoot.

Boho Engagement Outfit Ideas

For beachy, romantic, playful vibes. These outfits are full of layers and details that will help you move and feel gorgeous in your session!

Collage of a woman boho engagement outfit idea
Collage of a mens boho engagement outfit idea

Casual Outfit Ideas

These outfits would look dreamy in the mountains, by a lake, or even on top of a dramatic cliff!

Collage of a womens casual engagement outfit idea
Collage of mens casual engagement outfit idea

Bold Engagement Outfit Ideas

These outfits are for those couples that do not fear stepping outside of the box and want to turn their engagement session into a work of art.

Collage of a womens bold engagement outfit idea
Collage of mens bold engagement outfit idea

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